Intel iGVT-g vGPU in Xen – XenGT howto

By | 2015年1月19日

Here’s the original article.
Xen – Intel GVT-g(XenGT) Pubic Release

Here’s my env.
CPU: i5-4460
OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop

Gernerally, you can follow the XenGT_Setup_Guide.pdf.

Before the kernel building, you may copy /boot/config-3.XX to the XenGT-Preview-kernel/.config.old to make a most adaptive kernel.

Please note that, direct mode will show vm-display to your monitor connected with your iGPU, indirect mode will not show anything to your monitor but a dummy monitor instead, and you can connect to it with VNC or RDP.

And here’s the grub menuentry you should add.

If it occurs that you could not create a new VM with vgt=1, just ‘cat /sys/kernel/vgt/control/available_resources’ to see how many resources left. You may change Graphic Memory allocated for your graphic card in BIOS configuration,and it may work..

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